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2017 NAS OS for an Old N40L


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Hi all, I guess still a lot of folks are using the Gen7 microservers. What is your OS of choice for the aging hardware?


So far I was using Windows Server Essentials 2012 with Storage Spaces but I'm thinking a linux based OS would be more fitting to my needs, and would also put less overhead on the hardware. My config is 2x3 TB disks (more will be added later) and 4 Gigs of RAM. Basically my needs are:

- a good base for running a transmission daemon, nextcloud and some other applications

- filesystem allowing easy addition of new drives without the need to rebuild the entire disk array (storage spaces is great for that)

- logical volume management with duplication of selected data/volume only. currently I am having a logical volume D: which is duplicated across multiple drives (kind of RAID 1) and logical volume E: which is not duplicated (JBOD type). by adding a new disk I could extend either volume. i'd like to have the same functionality under linux too.


I am afraid ZFS is already out of the league for the HW. What OS would you recommend?


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Have you considered XPEnology?

It runs off a USB stick and basically turns your Microserver into a 4 bay Synology NAS.


It's dead easy to install, and has a fair few apps available for free download - Plex, cloud and mail server apps etc..

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so i spent a lot of time researching various alternernatives and trying them out in virtualbox.  really like xpenology, as it provides robustness and flexibility at the same time, but two things are bothering me:

- would i be able to move my xpenology volumes to a different system later on? e.g. putting the disks into a plain linux machine and having all the data accessible, setting up new shares etc.?

- xpenology forums recommend full backups when updating to a major DSM version. this is a no go for me, as i have no place to put 9 TBs of data. it this a real limitation, or just something to be absolutely on the safe side?

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