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USB3 Thumb Drive Boot Error


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Hi everyone, first post here as a new Gen8 server owner.


Picked up my Gen8 and loaded it with a core i3-2120t CPU with 8gb RAM


I've got 3 WD Green 1TB drives to add, and I'll be using the box as a media server.


I'm waiting for my floppy to sata cable to arrive so I can hook up my 2.5" drive to load either Windows 10 or Windows Server 2012 on to, still deciding.


However in the mean time, I wanted to boot up the machine from my Linux Mint USB drive.


It's running on a Sandisk 64gb USB 3 thumb drive.


It's sort of my go to, diagnostics/testing OS.


I've set it up as a persistent OS on the drive, so what ever PC I'm working on I can just boot from it and all my stuff is there. This works fine on every PC/Mac I've used and worked on.


However, when I come to boot the microserver from USB it just won't do it at all.


I've got the stick in the back USB 2 slot.


I get the following screen




My bios settings are:-


System > USB Control > USB Enabled

System > USB Boot Support > Enabled

System > Removable Flash Medai Boot Sequence > External DriveKeys First


Standard Boot Order IPL

IPL:1 USB DriveKey (C:)


IPL:3 Floppy (A;)

IPL:4 PCI Embedded HP Ethernet 1gb 2-port

IPL:5 Hard Drive C: (See Boot Controller Order)


Boot Control Order

Ctlr:1 PCI Embedded Intel Sata Controller #1

Ctlr:2 PCI Embedded Intel Sata Controller #2


No other options available.


Just can't get this to boot from USB at all.






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I'm assuming that is a gpt booting usb? The gen8 doesn't support uefi boot, you will need to use legacy bios boot instead

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