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ReFS on Windows 10 client OS


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Having studied the documentation for Storage Spaces reasonably carefully I concluded that the ReFS file system was only available on Windows Server and not the client versions of the operating system. However a recent post on Windows Central has shown me otherwise, opening up some useful options.


The article combines 3 technologies …

-         Virtual hard disks

-         Storage spaces

-         ReFS file system

… what I missed in my first trawl is that the option for ReFS is available for a mirrored storage space on Windows client OS versions. (I have also underestimated the flexibility of VHD’s, which might be useful for testing on devices where empty drives are not available.)


The crucial point comes at the creation of a new storage space following disk pooling. Selecting a resiliency type of two way mirror exposes ReFS as an option in the file system drop-down list, in my case on Windows 10 Professional.


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