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Windows 10 Creators Update on HP Microservers


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I jumped the gun slightly by installing Window 10 Pro Version 1703 on my network … partly motivated by a RAID loss on one HP Gen 8 server while I was updating another Gen 7 server’s disk layout!

The Good

After 3 days I haven’t seen any major problems on N36, N54 or Gen 8 HP Microservers – no repeat of the network driver error on Windows 8.1.

The Bad

The upgrade still does not understand HOMEGROUP and SHARED FOLDERS … and does some weird things while trying to preserve MSA’s/ONEDRIVE settings. The whole permission thing seems to be broken. I gave up after the first failure: deleted the homegroup, un-shared folders and reinstalled the OS clean and set up all user accounts and shared areas afresh (to be fair Onedrive seems to be working fine these days as far as files are concerned). I’ve taken JMW’s advice and abandoned homegroups.

The Ugly

Having to do what amounts to a full OS rebuild every 6 months is a pain … hopefully the process via Windows Update will be smoother. Can’t complain though because at present we are receiving feature upgrades FOC!

Guess I can claim to have survived a full system restore for backup day 2017. By the skin of my teeth L




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Another bit of good I meant to include ...

... the change in the Anniversary Update which allows a user with an MSA to register a device and then rebuild it without losing activation worked as advertised. I physically changed the OS disk on 2 servers, skipped the question about license number, and activation succeeded immediately without any intervention.

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