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Right OS for my N54L?

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I was able to have the 4 disks up and running. Seems it was pretty much lack of ability to have the SAS mini connector properly inserted :) One question though: I'm connecting the 5th disk (3.5'' HDD 2Tb WD Red) to the e-Sata port using one of these cables providing e-Sata to SATA/Power similar to this: 




Windows is not recognizing the disk... Could it be lack of power? Last step before I have my RAID-5 up and running...

You'll need a separate power source for that e-SATA drive along with a standard eSATA to SATA cable. Correct me if I'm wrong but the cable in the link you provided will likely not work for you:


1. The HP Microserver Gen7 does not have a combo e-SATA+USB port

2. Even if you were able to somehow connect the cable to a USB port, it will not be able to power up a 3.5" drive. Standard desktop drives requires both 12V and 5V

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