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I have enjoyed watching the Home Server Show videos on YouTube as I am also a Windows Home Server veteran. I started with the Mediasmart series and have since been using the HP Microserver N40L and N54L to host my Windows Server OS and storage. I have had good luck with those boxes and also have one running FreeNAS 10. One of the little discoveries a few years back was the addition of a HP P410 Smart Array in the Microserver in order to get RAID 5 on the installed drives. I first used that configuration when I upgraded to WSE12R2 in 2014 because I wanted as much storage as I could get packed in that small box and I also wanted redundancy. My final configuration was 4X4TB NAS RAID5 drives and 2X120GB Mirrored SSDs for the OS. I run the RAID5 array as one single volume. The P410 can be had for very little investment and has performed flawlessly. I have not tried it on a non-HP main board but have a suspicion that it may have issues.


I am just about to upgrade to WSE 2016 and thought I might try some new hardware. I was looking at the ML10 V2 or the Gen 9 and have leaned towards the V2 because it seems to be better configured out of the box. I also plan to add the HP 686745-002 Drive Cage as that would mate up nicely with the P410 SAS inputs. In addition, I plan to add a 5th and possibly a 6th 3.5 NAS drive in the upper bays with one being part of an Icy Dock MB322SP-B ExpressCage that would also house the 2X??? Mirrored SSDs that I will use for the OS. Since the P410 will support 8 drives that should all work out. I have tested the WSE 2016 OS on one of the Microservers with the P410 board and all is good with no compatibility issues.


If you have any thoughts or questions on what I am planning I would be happy to hear them.




Alan Tigner

Hernando, FL

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