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Xeon embedded graphic card in Gen8? Vt-d?


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I upgraded CPU in Gen8 to Xeon E3 1265L v2.


Acording to Intel specs, this CPU has an embedded GPU (Intel® HD Graphics 2500):



How could I make use of that embedded GPU in my Gen8?


I just loaded ESXi but I cannot see any reference to GPU (in hardware tab, for instance).


My goal is to use Gen8 as pure hypervisor (ESXi or perhaps another choice like Xenserver) and then running some VMs, one of which would be a Windows client machine, where I'd like to attach the GPU (VT-d?), keeping Matrox card (iLO) for iLO remote console. I don't know if all of this is even possible.


Any experience with this scenario?


Thanks in advance.




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The MS Gen8 was not designed to use the graphics that is built into the CPU. As far as I can tell there is no way to take advantage of it.


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Thx for the answer.


Another try: has somebody managed to VT-d M200 gfx card (iLO embedded) to a VM and get it working?


I did a try: I enabled passthru for M200 card (well, the whole iLO card indeed, you cannot enable M200 separately; and of course, you loose iLO's remote console, I can live with that) and assigned to a Windows VM. The problem is that as soon as I start VM, the whole ESXi host hangs / freeze. I don't know whether special/additional config is needed, or simply, what I'm trying is simply impossible. Maybe, even if was impossible with ESXi,it may work with Xen (???).


I know M200 is an ancient gfx card but I only want to have a "desktop-alike" (no gaming needed) for a Windows VM and then I could add a sound-card via USB.


Any help is greatly appreciated.




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Can't see it working, iLo is an integral part of the machine so to try and carve that out for a VM doesn't strike me as likely, if you just want basic video the stock video adapter should be fine..


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