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MS Gen8 - ESXi 6.5 - Storage Health


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Good day!


Could please anyone confirm if you got the same results as me?


I've updated ESXi 6.0 to 6.5 and it appears that Storage health is missing from the UI (see attached pic). I am also guessing this is a new tab because I don't remember seeing this in 6.0.


Could please somebody confirm if you got the same results? This is the b120i on-board controller that I am using.


I've got the following HP vibs installed:


esxcli software vib list | grep -i HP

amshelper                      650.10.6.0-24.4240417                HPE              PartnerSupported    2017-02-27  

conrep                            HPE              PartnerSupported    2016-11-18  

hpbootcfg                         HPE              PartnerSupported    2016-11-18  

hpe-cru                        650.               HPE              PartnerSupported    2017-02-27  

hpe-esxi-fc-enablement         650.2.6.10-4240417                   HPE              PartnerSupported    2017-02-27  

hpe-ilo                        650.10.0.2-2.4240417                 HPE              PartnerSupported    2017-02-27  

hpe-nmi                        600.2.4.16-2494575                   HPE              PartnerSupported    2016-11-18  

hpe-smx-provider               650.              HPE              VMwareAccepted      2017-02-27  

hponcfg                              HPE              PartnerSupported    2016-11-18  

hptestevent                       HPE              PartnerSupported    2016-11-18  

scsi-hpsa                   HPE              VMwareCertified     2017-02-27  

ssacli                             HPE              PartnerSupported    2016-12-27  

hp-build                       600.9.4.34-2494585                   Hewlett-Packard  PartnerSupported    2014-07-24  

scsi-hpdsa                   Hewlett-Packard  PartnerSupported    2016-11-18  

scsi-hpvsa                  Hewlett-Packard  PartnerSupported    2017-03-23  

ata-pata-hpt3x2n               0.3.4-3vmw.650.0.0.4564106           VMW              VMwareCertified     2017-02-27  

nhpsa                          2.0.6-3vmw.650.0.0.4564106           VMW              VMwareCertified     2017-02-27  


lsu-hp-hpsa-plugin             2.0.0-4vmw.600.3.57.5050593          VMware           VMwareCertified     2017-02-27 




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I would appreciate if anyone could tell me as little as what appears under your Monitoring -> Hardware -> Storage tab as I don't really fancy re-installing ESXi.


Thank you.

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Hi there,


I have the exact same issue with the latest ESXi 6.5U1 custom HP image on MS Gen8, using the embedded storage controller in SATA AHCI mode.


Hope someone has found a solution?

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