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ml10 v2 no temperature reading


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i apologize if this has been covered before, but i couldn't find anything in my searches


i picked up a proliant ml10 v2 and set it up with the help of some threads here:


i ran the automatic update using the spp 2016.10 image

i installed windows server 2016

i ran the automatic updates using the spp 2016.10 image in windows


the only thing i changed from default settings is the sata settings, i changed it to ahci


the problem i am having is that under system information - health summary, it tells me that temperatures are not installed




when i click on the fan or temperatures page, i get no readings whatsoever. fan says speed 0% and under temperatures it says all of the sensors are not installed.




does the ml10 v2 not have the ability to sense temperature or fan speed? or am i missing a step in the setup.


any help is appreciated and i can provide more information or more screenshots if needed



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