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Server backup recovery - be careful

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I'm just trying to emulate my hero...Paul Braren!


Paul Braren is a "Steely-Eyed Missile Man"

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That would be more than a little unsettling.  Glad I migrated to VM's a couple of years ago.  Create a snapshot and rollback if things go crazy, as they eventually will.

Norco RPC 450B- SuperMicro D-1541 SOC w/128GB RAM – Roles: Hyper-V (SharePoint 2013/2016-DC-SQL-WSE 2012R2, WHS 2011 Test.   All Hyper-V's are running from a 2012R2 Host.  All of the VMs run from a

I'm just trying to emulate my hero...Paul Braren!

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referring back to the original post on this thread, "care" seems to be the right term. the system of buttons etc. needed to exclude certain drives/partitions from the restore operation is a bit messy. for example, unless you scroll the text way to the right you may not see that by default it has added other drives to the list of things to be restored. I just did one of these with server 2016 and it takes a clear head to work through the UI to get the desired effect, certainly could use some improvement from the UX department.

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