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SSD keeps forgetting it's RAID0


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I've got 4 x 3.5" drives in the bays and a 2.5" SSD in the ODB which I boot from.


I can't remember exactly how I set it up - it was a while back, and I was following instructions online - but I know it required me setting the SSD as a RAIO0 array.


Mostly, this works fine. However, every now and again my MicroServer will refused to boot, saying there's a problem with the disc. The first time, I reformatted it and started everything from scratch, but then it happened again… After a bit of poking around and experimentation, I found that if I went back into the Smart Storage Admin tool, I could see there were no RAID arrays shown. But I could create a RAID0 array on the SSD and I could then immediately boot fine (with no loss of data).


Every couple months, this happens again. 


Any ideas why? Or how I can resolve the issue?


Many thanks



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Hi PeteW!


Have you found the solution of the problem described? I have same issue and don't know how to fix it...

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