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Error on all disk


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I have a problem with my Gen8, my primary disk (Seagate come whit server 1TB) it's dead.....

In that moment my configuration was

1 Seagete disk 1TB (died)

1 Hitachi disk 1TB

1 Hitachi disk 1TB

1 Toshiba disk 4TB

So I bought another Toshiba Disk (1TB) and  I installed windows server 2012 , then I upgraded my server whit admin tools (F10 proliant, etc.)

And now all disk fail .....

The server notify me that the new disk will fail soon..

the other 3 disks, when starting to work sound like if it's started and then stop and  sounds like "ziiiiiippp" each time.

Actually, the new disk with windows installation, showed BSOD... I removed all disk and I started the windows again and it's works only by few hours then again BSOD.

Right now the windows is totally death, I tried again install windows in the new disk or one hitachi's disk and I cant! The server show me "not hard disk found"! But in array configurations, show me the disk and logic disk.

But if I connect any disk in a usb case, all disk works perfectly normal!! Actually, I put 3 disks at the same time on another PC connected to SATA connection for 2 days and alway works totally normal! I save all data (6 TB) in another disk without problem.

I have:


HP intelligent proliant 1.64.1 version

HP dynamic smart array B120i v3.54.0


So ... somebody .. can help me?

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You might want to check the power supply or power connectors. Sounds like the power to the drives are unstable.

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Thanks for the reply!


Well like say bonaventura.. Now I believe in magic :lol:

I removed all connections to the mother board and I stretched the cables. And then few hours later I mounted and connected every thing again.. and that's all! It's works again!


But the issue from the new disk "will fail" it's present. I suppose that the disk it's new but with errors I wil try to change it.


Thanks a lot for you help

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