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Antenna Mod for DJI Phantom 3 Standard - BlueProton ARGTek


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Not meaning to rain on your parade Dave, but I'd be careful as flying beyond VLOS is against FAA regulations, unless you have a spotter. Just saying what's in the rules.


If I were to do the antenna mod, it is to make the RF link more reliable. In stock form, even when flying within VLOS, I sometimes get interference errors or signal loss. Doing this mod will likely get rid of those issues but I would not knowingly fly it too far out to take advantage of the extended range. A lot of restrictions have been imposed on drone pilots and I personally don't want to give them another chance to 'lower the boom' any further than it already is.

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I stay LOS when I fly but I did push it out of LOS for this test.  A simple range test however I did fly over uninhabited areas to do so.  Not that its right.   And yes, the whole reason is to make it useable around 1000' while it is still within LOS.  I need to have good useable signal within that LOS to be even somewhat productive.  If you can't push it out a little bit how are you going to do surveys and commercial jobs?


A whole lot of "lowering the boom" is going to happen in this industry.  It's exciting to see the commercial aspects of this hobby.  I can't get enough of it at the moment.

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