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Using WHS2011 for system restore(not bare metal)


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I was sure I had seen a way(and I actually did this, just not sure if it was on WHSv1 or v2) to use the backups on the server as a restore point.

ie, my laptop had an issue with Windows updates, and it broke my USB ports(tried numerous ways to fix them, new drivers, restored drives, etc), and my Centrino bluetooth.

Bluetooth isn't an issue, but no USB ports is causing all sorts of problems.


I have full backups on my server from the nightly backups, but the only restore method I can find is bare metal.  I know I've done one before that did one, over the network, from the PC that needed restoring, to get rid of a virus on my wife's system, but I can't find the article.


Does anyone know how to do this?

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Bare metal is the only option here.


There is a file restore (accessible from the client), but this is meant for documents and the like, not for system files. 

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