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Dynamic Smart Array B120i Controller Issues


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Hi guys,


Recently I'm experiencing very unusual behavior with my Gen8 microserver. One day I came back from work and I've noticed red flashing light in front panel rather than blue. Quick look in integrated management log shows several dozen of Internal Storage Enclosure Device Failure. First though - drive failure. In my setup I have two Velociraptors WD1500HLFS in bay 1 and 2 running RAID 1, and Seagate Baracuda 2TB in bay 4 running RAID 0. Velociraptors are not new, I would said recent as they have only 4k power on hour each. I've checked each drive SMART and tested with MHDD - no errors, no anomalies. After critical error array will rebuild RAID 1 drives but after few hours problem returns. Every reboot array is rebuilding hdds as well. Funny thing is that I've got errors on bay 3, but there is no drive attached. In this setup server was powered on 24/7 and functional for more than month, that happened instantly, I didn't even look at this server ;).

What I've done so far:

- error check hard drives with mhdd

- swap bay 1 hdd with bay 2 hdd

Server is running HPE Esxi 6.0 custom iso

I think positive however I've found this thread: https://community.spiceworks.com/topic/214701-hp-smart-array-rebuilding-after-every-reboot which makes me sad.


Any suggestion will appreciate

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Thanks for quick reply, I'm in progres of downloading Service Pack, tomorrow I will update firmware and I will let you know if that changes anything.

Driver ver I'm using is scsi-hpvsa-5.5.0-88.

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I think I've found an issue. I noticed that any drive I've inserted spins up, then it stops, spins, stop, spins, stop an not regular intervals, it sound like click of death but drives are fine.

Things done so far:

- bios reset

- deleting all arrays

- esxi reinstall

- firmware update

- bios set to maximum performance

- removing cables and reinsert them

Nothing changed, random drives fails, no matter what model, what bay, mostly it's logical drive failure, errors pops up in random order. As I said in my previous post, every drive works perfectly under windows, no errors, no anomalies, SMART ok, mhdd and hdtune ok!


I'm running out of ideas, any clue?


* UPDATE 2 *


Hard drives won't spin anymore

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I have to create this post as I cannot edit previous one.


I've started believe in magic :) seriously, as the server stop functioning properly by itself, it started working normally today. In my case it looks like bios reset is not enough for this device, I've removed cmos battery and I left the server overnight unplugged from mains.

Today I put everything back together and... surprisingly initial testing shows no errors. I've recovered data to my old HDDs and voila - it's alive again. Server is on for 3h and going.



I've created new case on HPE website with all the details mentioned above, tech support phoned me and tried convince me to buy HPE branded hard drive to connect it to the server and check is it working :) He didn't get it when I've explained that the power is not delivered to hard drives and nothing connected is working. I think HP took Apple's way to generate money, as tech support said connect only recommended components, otherwise you may have a problem with the claim. Anyway... I'll report if something will change.

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