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My Microserver - Watercooled Xeon 1265lv2, GTX1050ti, 16Gb RAM


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Thought I would share the tale of my Microserver and put everything in one thread.


My Microserver is designed as an all purpose desktop/workstation/nas/gaming/media player machine.

My goal is to create a quiet powerhouse that can be on 24/7 in my home office, and not be a nuisance.

It should be able to connect to my 4K display, play media content and light gaming (1080p) if the need arises.


As such, I have gone with the following specification for the moment:


HP Microserver Gen 8

Xeon 1265lv2 watercooled with Antec Kuhler H600

Gigabyte Low Profile GTX1050ti GPU

16Gb (2x8Gb) HP 669239-581 DDR3 ECC Unbuffered RAM

4 x Hitachi 4Tb Coolspin HDD's

Samsung 850 Evo 500Gb SSD


Installation of the watercooler was as follows:

Remove insufficient stock heatsink:



Insert the new CPU:



Attach Antec Kuhler H600 Heatsink - I had to bend the brackets slightly inwards. Only realised this after I butchered it a little bit.



What you can't see is that I had to drill 2 x 16mm holes in the back of the chassis to fit the watercooling pipes. This wasn't too hard at all.

Here is the watercooler sticking out the back, i still have to finalise how it will be mounted to the box.



The current fan attached is a Thermalright TY140.

Currently spinning at max (1300rpm) is waaaaay quieter than the factory fan spinning at low speed.



The GPU was fun to fit, it required making room for an extra PCI slot.

Here are the modifications to the chassis, done with a hacksaw and a file:



I also had to cut the 2 slot low profile bracket in half to become single slot:



I removed the plastic shroud from the GPU. This was just clipped in place. Makes it take up a little less width.



And the power connector even fits! no modification required.



Upgraded ram is in place:



Temps and testing to follow once I finalise the fan selection and radiator mounting.

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It runs great.

I'm surprised how much more responsive the OS is when using a decent GPU.

The onboard Matrox GPU struggles to display the OS, and is horribly unresponsive.


Having an issue now where I Win10 or WHS2011 can't see the MicroSD slot.

Not sure if it's a driver issue, can't seem to find the drivers anywhere, and Device Manager isn't showing any issues.


When I have an SD Card in there, the PC won't boot (as i am using a USB boot manager) so I know the slot itself is working.

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Same setup as me, minus the water cooler!  I'm waiting for my GPU to turn up today, but I'm hoping I can leave the plastic shroud on and it will still clear the power block.

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At the moment I haven't mounted the radiator, it's sticking out the rear as in the above picture, but the hole spacing is the same as the standard fan.

I'm waiting on slightly longer screws to arrive (the ones for the radiator don't appear to be a standard thread for some reason), and then i will space it off the rear with a few washers.

Failing that, a U  bracket from your local hardware store should be able to do the same thing as well.

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Figured out the SD Card issue - changing the boot order in the bios appears to have resolved it.

Now booting off the SD Card to the SSD for Windows 10.

Next i'll probably use Drivepool for the 4x4tb drives, looking into the options now.


Here's a very quick pic of how the radiator will be mounted. Sorry for the dark pic, i'll get better photos when i mount it permanently... Have found i need to space it off a bit more to allow for the screw in the back of the case.

I've replaced the standard fan with a Coolermaster fan i found lying around from an old case.




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And now the PSU gets surgery in the form of a fan transplant to a Noctua 40mm.

Quieter and more pleasant acoustic profile but im not sure its worth the $25.


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Was the stock power supply fan loud or annoying? Mine is inaudible but I am not sure if its because I am using ESXi. Glad to know its 40mm though. I will have to pay closer attention to that fan now.

And now the PSU gets surgery in the form of a fan transplant to a Noctua 40mm.
Quieter and more pleasant acoustic profile but im not sure its worth the $25.

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