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Installing Windows Server Technical Preview on my HP ProLiant Gen8 MicroServer


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I found installing Windows Server Technical Preview (“WSTP” or “Server10”) on my HP ProLiant Gen8 MicroServer was trouble free with the proper preparation. Earlier in November I had installed WSTP on my HP ProLiant N54L G7 MicroServer without issue ( http://homeserversho...4l-microserver/ ).

Note: with WSTP I didn’t need to enter KEY during installation.

In preparing for this install on my Gen8 (note the similarities to my Windows 8.1 install on my Gen8):

  • I made sure I had the latest firmware installed on my Gen8
  • I went to HP’s Support Center and for the HP ProLiant MicroServer Gen8 Server I downloaded drivers for MicroSoft Windows Server 2012 R2 http://tinyurl.com/n4o3rav
  • I next went to HP’s Support Center and I downloaded drivers for my HP Smart Array P222/512MB FBWC 6Gb 1-port Int/1-port Ext SAS Controller for MicroSoft Windows Server 2012 R2 http://tinyurl.com/kkkqnuf
  • I used a the 7-ZIP utility to extract the drivers from the HP file cp022624.exe for the RAID controller B120i http://www.7-zip.org/ During the Windows Server Technical Preview installation it was those drivers that I loaded so that the installation would see the logical drive I had prepared in the HP SSA for the OS drive. Once on the desktop I checked Device Manager and found a “Base System Device” under “Other Devices” that was missing drivers – it needed the iLO drivers cp022059.exe & cp022273.exe in the System Management group (that I had downloaded from HP’s Support Center for Windows Server 2012 R2).

I did the installation from my desktop using iLO4 with an iso of Windows Server Technical Preview and my extracted drivers and all other drivers (collected above) in folders.

Since I only had one logical drive created on the B120i for the OS installation in my Gen8 during the install I only needed the B120i controller driver to install the OS on my Gen8 but I would need my P222 drivers later when I wanted to use the unallocated drives in the main 4 drive bay of the Gen8.

Installing Windows Server Technical Preview on my HP N54L MicroServer http://homeserversho...4l-microserver/
Testing my Gen8 MicroServer before HSS Meetup 2014 http://homeserversho... 8.1 on my Gen8 
Installing Windows 8.1 on my HP ProLiant Gen8 MicroServer 

WHS2011 on my Gen8 http://homeserversho...b120i-p222.html
WS2012R2 on my Gen8 http://homeserversho...icroserver.html
WS2012R2E on my Gen8 

Additionally, Check out CSKenney’s Gen8 links thread in the HomeServerShow forums: http://homeserversho...ver-gen8-links/  Edited by Joe_Miner
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