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Replacing the Batteries in my CyberPower CP1500PFCLCD UPS


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A Personal Blog Entry from November 2014 being moved over



This post is an experiment to see if I can insert a video about replacing the batteries in my CP1500PFCLCD into a Blog posting.......

So let's see how this works.


The CyberPower UPS that I replaced the batteries in dates back from 2010 so the batteries had given a good 4 years of life.  This UPS had been my Desktop UPS though I had purchased duplicate UPS's for my Server(s).


Additional Info:

CyberPower PFC Sinewave Series CP1500PFCLCD: http://www.cyberpowe...1500PFCLCD.html

CyberPower User’s Manual with Battery Replacement Instructions for the CP1500PFCLCD: http://www.cyberpowe...UM_20110427.pdf

The New Batteries that I used in the Replacement:  http://www.amazon.co...D/dp/B00C80UUWI

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Thanks for posting.  I have several CP1000PFCLCD units.  My main one on my WSE12R2 box no longer passes the runtime test.  It's dated 2014.  Guess it's already time to change it.

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I have my WSE12R2 server box (8 x 3TB HDDs RAID6 array, core i5 3570K, 32 GB RAM, 2 SSDs), my Lian Li extenal HDD enclosure (4 HDDs) and small Netgear gigabit switch connected to the battery outlets on my CP1000PFCLCD (600W) unit.  Cyberpower Powerpanel Business Edition reporting load between 130-160W.  With OS and Hyper-V VMs on the SSDs, the system shutdown is under 5 mins, closer to 3 mins.


Not sure whether I actually need to replace my battery or need a larger UPS? 


My WSE12R2 box reports battery test passed in Powerpanel BE, but for the runtime calibration test, it's returning:


Estimated runtime: None

Last calibration result: Incomplete (this status not in the manual)

Last calibration date: 3/30/17

Can't finish calibration due to runtime is insufficient.


Do I need to move this server to a larger model CP UPS?  Or should I move the external HDD enclosure to a non-battery outlet?

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welcome to the world of overclaimed UPS capacity (runs for up to two hours [but only if you have it at 1% of the capacity....]]. 

I think it is telling you already that you are not going to get much time out of the box.  any way to calibrate it with less load and then switch it back to the server?

that way it will tell you if the battery is ok or not

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Thanks nrf :unsure: Am running the runtime calibration now at 4% load (24W) with just my external HDD dock and enclosure connected.  Ironically it shows ~ >1hr of runtime...


  I noticed that these Cyberpower UPS all temporarily lose USB connectivity for a moment when they either initiate 1.) a battery test or 2.) a runtime calibration.  Just long enough to generate a Powerpanel on-screen alert.  Is this normal of most?

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Update - even with the UPS connected to a laptop and my external HDD dock and enclosure drawing ~24W (4% load), Powerpanel is reporting: Can't finish calibration due to runtime is insufficient.  Contacted Cyberpower and learned a few things:


1.) the CP1000PFCLCD "consumer" model can be used with the Powerpanel Business Edition software but does not support runtime calibration

2.) the battery test feature will still work and would report a battery requiring replacement

3.) despite not supporting runtime calibration, Powerpanel BE would still trigger a shutdown within the shutdown time internal parameter you set in PP BE

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