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Have Sun Netra x1 server


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Hi, just got one of the above machines and love it. I want to see the boot screen and generally communicate with it.


I've read that you can plug an RJ 45 cable into the serial port, and communicate via programs like PuTTy, and someone suggested that I need to change the pin out. Does this mean I have to change the pin out on the end which plugs into the server, and leave the remaining RJ45 plug attached to the other end?



I've got spare RJ 45 connectors, crimping tool and loads of Ethernet cable.


Thanks in advance



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I am not sure if its the same thing but what you are describing sounds like a Rollover or console cable. Serial at one end (or USB with an FTDI chip is more common these days) and an RJ45 at the other with a specific pinout. Should be easy enough to get as they are used for switches and routers all the time

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