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Orbi Guest WiFi Caution


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I purchased Orbi back in October for testing purposes to see if I wanted to install it in my daughters new house and though the performance was great I returned it for two reasons, 1 my daughter was not closing on the house till November 23 and 2nd the lack of a guest network, Fast forward March 3rd. Now that we are in the new house and after reading Orbi now supports guest WiFi I decided to give Orbi another try and I found out the guest WiFi does not work in AP mode. It only works in router mode but I am not interested in running Orbi in router mode as I use another router. When I first setup Orbi I did not bother to test the guest network as I was extremely happy with the performance of it in the new house, It was not till a guest came over last night and asked for internet access to the guest network that I discovered it was not working. Turns out when you select not to allow "guest to see each other and access my local network" It kills DNS so there is no internet. After calling Netgear they confirmed Guest Network is NOT support in AP mode at this time, Epic fail for Netgear at this time.


Whats strange to me is I did an IP config when connected to the guest network and the correct DNS settings where there but still no internet, I have a support ticket into them and I will update this post after I hear back.


update: Another strange thing is the guest WiFi was also pulling an IP address from my LAN subnet and not putting the guest on a different subnet, I did see reports of other users complain about the same thing. Its clear the Netgear still has work to do on the guest network.

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