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Rumour that HP discontinues MediaSmart Server

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There have been some sales during this US Thanksgiving Holiday Season. As much as $200 off. Some resellers are posting that stock has run out and discontinued by the manufacturer. HP have recently trained their staff on the Drobo, could this be why ?


Maybe HP has been influenced by the news that Microsoft will be removing DE from WHS version 2 and do no want to invest in building a MediaSmart Server RAID version. To costly ?


What do you think ?

Will you buy a MediaSmart Server before they run out of stock ?

Should you ?



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Too bad it's not courrect ;-)


What you say could be true though. Hope not, as the MediaSmart were really what gave WHS its only visibility.

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IF HP actually was deciding to discontinue the MediaSmart line and it is related to DE then they have known for quite a while. The supply chain from PCB to populated motherboards, cases, etc. seem to me like it has to be longer than 2-3 weeks (I know it is in my line of work). For inventory to run out at some sellers would mean that HP was already thinning out the supplies. Was it related to VAIL or did they also come to the conclusion that the WHS boxes were just not making them enough money to keep them in their product line.


Don't forget, HP also just removed the 3.0 upgrade disk availability. Why would you take away an upgrade path for your customers if all you had to do was sell the disks you already possessed?

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