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One-click button to trigger smart home event


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I am looking for a simple solution that allows to press a button in one room and have it trigger an event (flash/turn on light, play a sound, maybe even send a notification to a phone) in another room. Possibly IFTTT and/or Yonomi would sit somewhere in the middle and then trigger Hue lights flashing or similar.

Just to clarify: I am not looking for a built in light switch, but something more portable.


I have found Flic button, but am turned off by the fact they they seem to rely on a Bluetooth phone connection. I don't quite understand how the Flic Single buttons work differently here or whether they are just an updated smaller version of the main Flic buttons.


Then there's Logitech Pop buttons which seem to be almost exactly what I am looking for, but they starter pack with bridge and two buttons already comes with a hefty 100 USD pricetag.


Is there any smart button in the middle that I have missed out on?

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Have you looked at the Fibaro button?



I bought one and have not had much luck with SmartThings. I don't know if I'm recommending this yet but it's an inexpensive try.

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Thanks for the tip. Didn't have the Fibaro button on my radar so far.

But since I don't yet have a Fibaro Home Center or another compatible Z-Wave system the button could connect to this would come with an even higher pricetag.

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