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Newbie needing help..What works together


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Sorry for being so green on this but I guess we all have to start somewhere. I just moved into a house where viviant had previously been installed, the main control board was removed but fire alarm, door sensors, and thermostats were left in the house. I'm not interested in signing up with viviant, I would however like to use any of these devices that I can for free/small initial investment considering they are just sitting there useless otherwise.


I have a micasa Verde vera lite that has never been setup as I bought it before relocating and renting for a few years and never got around to using it. Would all the viviant hardware that was left in the house happen to be zwave and compatible with the vera lite? Anyone have experience with this?


Also have an echo dot and Google home. I'm not sure that either of these could be incorporated for voice command?




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