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August Smart Lock questions.


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The reviews of these are all over the place, a lot of poor ones saying it just doesn't work. I'm reading of people having much greater results with tapered dead bolts.  Is there a specific dead bolt I should look at?  I'm troubled by the few artcles I read where someone has this and had it repeatedly tell them the door was locked when in fact it wasn't. Is there any combo here that makes this reliable enough to be a usable product?  

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I have been reading up on all the smart deadbolts and they all have the same issue.  When you shut your door the normal position for the door when latched needs to allow a deadbolt to engage with no fiddling with the door.  My front door and back door require me to either push in a little bit or pull out to get the deadbolt to engage.  This isn't uncommon and we have all learned to just push or pull on our doors to get the locks to work.  With an automatic lock the deadbolt needs to engage smoothly or it won't lock.  The tapered deadbolt allows the deadbolt to start engaging into the door frame even if the door is partially misaligned.  As long as the lock motor has the power to drive the taper in then it will lock the door.


I am not sure what to think about all these smart locks.  Everyone has their own use case and preferences.  I am still sticking to conventional locks because I know when I lock them with a key they stay that way.

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I agree with cskenney. If your deadbolt does not line up well you're gonna most likely have issues with any smart lock.

From what I've seen with August, the main gripe is actually the smart unlock feature. You are supposed to be able to have the door automatically unlock as you approach your home. It does this using a combination of geofencing and Bluetooth connectivity (as far as I can tell). Many people report very poor reliability of this feature (works 50-75% of the time). Even the best reports on Amazon reviews show it only working 95% of the time.

I will be getting an August lock on Monday for testing purposes and I'll update in a couple weeks how it works for me.

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I've been testing the August lock for over a month now, and I'm pretty happy with it.

My deadbolt is lined up really well. It's easy for the deadbolt to open/close so I haven't experienced any issues there.

I manually blocked the lock from locking just to test and see if it falsely reported a successful lock. It didn't report a false positive. It worked as it should and reported the lock was jammed.

For me, the two most important features are the auto-lock and auto-unlock. I want to be able to come and go without needing to stop at my door and use a key (or open an app and press a button).

The auto-unlock has worked really well for me. I have used it probably almost 100 times by now and I have yet to have it fail to work for me. Sometimes if I walk up to the door really fast, I have to wait a few seconds for it to connect and unlock, but if I'm walking at a normal pace I usually hear the August unlock when I'm about 20 feet from the door.

The auto-lock feature isn't as nice. It's just a simple timer that automatically locks the lock after x seconds. It definitely works like it's supposed to, but it seems way too easy to lock yourself out. I decided to hide an emergency key outside in case it ever happens.

You could also purchase their smart keypad for way too much (currently like $70) and you could use that as your emergency key. I haven't tested the keypad, but judging by the reviews, the battery life and connectivity are questionable. That's a pretty expensive emergency key if it doesn't work.

If you're interested in the whole write-up about my August smart lock experience, here's a link: http://thesmartcave.com/homekit-enabled-august-smart-lock-review/

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george balanchine

I'm also an active user of August Smart Lock and pretty happy with it (I've also paired with August's other products). I've previously owned Schlage Sense and Kwikset Kevo (2nd Gen) and I must say, August is way better.


On top of this, the mobile application is pretty decent.

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