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SmartThings issue / cloud issue


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Last night as I was sending kids to bed I told Alexa to turn off our Christmas lights.  This is supposed to trigger turning off the tree and a set of lights on the mantle.  Instead Alexa said she couldn't find when I was asking her to do.

I decided to try using my SmartThings app on my phone.  It acted weird and then told me my network had problems.  I closed out the app and restarted it.  It said to try logging out of SmartThings and then back in.  That turned out to be a problem as I couldn't log in.

I looked a the site SmartThings uses for system status and it said there was some degraded service with mobil apps and a few other things.  Degraded?  I was dead in the water.

What made me most concerned is that I had no control of the lights in my house.  The only way to turn on/off the lights for the tree and mantle is currently through the app or thru automation (time schedule).  

I had no local control of the automation because the mobil app requires cloud communication.

Anyone else experience this?  Is this a concern that when service goes out that our ability to communicate with out homes is disabled?  Is there currently a home automation system that uses local control (on the network) that is then augmented by cloud when you are remote?

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Hi, that's one of the reasons I use Insteon. The switches work, when all the networking fails.


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Yep. I use Lutron Caseta which work regardless of connection to the hub or cloud.



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