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Installing a home automation would spoil the look of my house as it may involve a lot of wiring and drilling work


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Hello Everyone,

I am looking to automate by home, in terms of Lighting & sensors, but the problem is that i am layman in terms of Automation.

Can anyone please assist / guide me on the above concern raised regarding Home Automation.


Thanks in advance..



Kripali K

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That is not exactly true. Automation solutions come in both wired and wireless options. The wired would require some electrical and drilling work, but the wireless options usually retrofit well without needing anything or altering the aesthetics of the home (or office). Like any other situation, wired is more reliable and consistent, but wireless options are catching up. One  company BuildTrack (www.buildtrack.in) offers many options along these lines that cover a broad range of automation needs. There are others also who offer subsets of home automation solutions.

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My opinion is that the industry is not as developed that someone with no knowledge at all, can add automation by itself. The knowledge is minimum, but you need it.

Having said that, you can look for wireless solution that require no drilling out changes to wiring.


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