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veraplus day one


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I bought a vera plus about a month ago and some zwave receptacles to get the the in-window Christmas lights automated.  I finally set up the receptacles and started my setup with vera.


I had used vera3 in the past and had good luck, but I moved and left the vera at the old house.  Now I'm finally trying to set up my new house as a smart home.


Set up has been frustrating so far.  although they have wifi built into the veraplus, you can't use it to connect zwave devices.  I was able to connect to the wifi from the vera, but wasn't able to get to the UI to add a zwave device.  the veraplus only had a quick start guide and didn't include instructions on how to use the buttons in front to pair devices.  setup seems it would be better if I was able to take the zwave things to the hub instead of the hub to the zwave things.


Phone support was surprisingly good.  They have weekend phone hours and they sent me instructions on how to connect the vera using the buttons, although I haven't tried the instructions yet.


Unfortunately I set it up after the amazon return window.  I think the vera is for those the power users, and with a young child at home, I don't have time for that.


Right now I'm think I'll switch over to wink.  My home automation goal is to be able to tell my amazon echo to turn of the lights so, on the days I fall asleep on the couch.


If anyone wants to give the vera plus a go, let me know and I'll cut you a deal. 

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Day Two...


I was able to use the below information from Vera Customer Support...




Thank you for contacting Vera Customer Care Support!

As we spoke over the phone please follow the steps below to put the Vera unit into exclusion and inclusion mode using its buttons:

Z-Wave Include mode/exclude mode:

- press on Select button. Unit will enter in selection mode
- press on Select button again, till Z-Wave LED will blink
- press on Sync button to confirm. If you press firmly once for shorter than one second (normal press) unit will enter in include mode. If you press Sync button for more than 2 seconds then exclude mode will be selected.

Let me know if you have further questions and I get back to you,


Customer Care Advocate

Vera Control, Ltd.
Smarter Home Control





​using the instructions I was able to pair my outlets with my hub.  It took a couple of tries, but seems to work if I go and do the exclude command first then the include command.  ​It really is unfortunate and weird that they didn't include these instructions with the vera or in an easy to find spot on the website.

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