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GE 12723 Add-On Switch (3-way Light Switch Install)


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I'm quite the newbie to installing a light switch, and I'm struggling a bit with replacing my current 3-way switches with a GE Dimmer Light Switch (12724) and a GE Add-on switch (12723).


I have been watching the following Youtube video several times....




But I'm wondering if the people who build my house, improperly created the wiring for the 2 Switches.


One switch seems to have 5 sets of wires (Line, Load, Neutral, Ground, and Traveler). I have already removed my prior light switch and connected the 12724 Light switch here.


But the other switch only has 3 sets of wires, and I am unable to identify what they are. And I'm thinking there is no ground in this set, which I find crazy. I've taken two photos of this 2nd switch, and I'm hoping someone can help me identity what is what and what should be connected to the GE Add-on switch (12723).


qa6fu8i.jpg zb63TuQ.jpg


First pic is the right side of switch and the 2nd pic is the left side of the switch.


Please help me to identify which wires are what and why I only have 3 of them?




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I started this thread when I changed mine over:


Keep in mind, in traditional 3 and 4 way switches all of the switches are part of the circuit. With the new smart switches, only the main switch is part of the circuit. The add on switches just talk to the main switch.

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I just went through the same scenario. I only used the neutral and traveler on the add on switch and capped off the black wire.


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Hey guys I am getting ready to order a couple of these. Want to make sure I have the right wiring before I do. When I pull the switch out to check the junction box what am I looking for? How many wires total should I see?

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