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Looking for a wifi dimmer, with some limitations


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I have two two-gang switches set in a double gang box. One toggle controls a series of outdoor lights (2 LED, 1 incandescent), two other toggles control indoor lights on different circuits, and one toggle is disconnected (having gone to an outdoor fixture destroyed by superstorm Sandy's storm surge).


I'd like to control the outdoor circuit with a smart switch, mainly so that I can turn the lights on when I come home at night and forgot to do so. I'm going to have to rewire that box, capping that unused circuit and putting the outdoor one on the smart device.


The box was wired with a switch loop: no neutral. So I'll need to put in a smart dimmer, not a switch. 


From what I've seen, many of these smart dimmers require a hub as well. The only hub I currently have is for Philips Hue lights (newest model).


Best solution is a switch that doesn't need a hub.


A secondary solution is for a dimmer that'll work with the existing Hue hub--I'd like to be able to use it rather than add on another hub, especially as I've run out of ethernet ports even with multiple multiport hubs (I mean, the type that gives you additional Ethernet ports, not the sort that serves as a base for smart bulbs/switches, etc.).


A solution I'm not keen on would be a hub that'll work with both the smart switch and the Hue lights, though I'd hate to have the perfectly good (and pretty new) hub that came with the lights sit idle.


Any ideas?

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