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Upcoming new smart/connected and self conducted trash bins


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Hi guys,

I don’t know if you have heard of this, but here in Richmond the town is implementing new smart and connected trash bins. The administration wants to collect data on population’s consumption and whoever participate can try out those new self conducted bins. If you have a straight driveway, it’s suppose to get itself to the road to get collected with the town schedule.


From the calls me and my neighbours received, you keep your bins as they are and they accessorize it to make it self guided when it's time to get collected.



Hope I can try it. Won’t forget the trash bins anymore  B)

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Do you have any information on this?  I am just curious.  Not sure how well it would work in parts of the country that get snow (like here in the Midwest).  Or what happens if I park my car in the driveway?

I am not so sure I need the trash can to walk itself out to the curb.  I still have to remember to put the trash in it and if it goes out to the street before I get the trash out then I have to walk further.

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Sounds very interesting. I would love to be part of the team piloting this.I bet they will get some amazing use cases and issues to resolve.

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