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Advice needed for single switch many light room with programmable scenes


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I'm just starting to do research in Home Automation for an upcoming DIY lighting project. I have a large living room (32' x 15') that has one dimmable light fixture. I want to install can lights and possibly other accent lights to the room and will most likely just tap off the existing light fixture. So I'm thinking 10+ lights tied into one light fixture. I'm guessing this violates code but since I plan on only using LED lights I'm not worried about exceeding wire ratings or tripping a breaker. However, one switch / many lights doesn't allow for much lighting flexibility.


Smart light bulbs appear to be what I want in that I can create any number of scenes but I don't want to be forced to make my kids and wife have to use an iPad / iPhone / voice command device to control the lights. Is there a smart switch that can replace my dimmer switch that can turn the lights on / off / in between and have some preset scenes?


I'm looking for cost effective approaches due to the number of light fixtures in the room. Currently I have a Nest thermostat and mostly Apple devices so it would be nice to use devices that play nice in that environment.


Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.






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