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automated standby power elimination


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Hey all!  I am putting together an application to eliminate standby power automatically.  Please note that this project is for a grad course and I am looking to see if there is any interest in this project becoming a product commercially!  Don't worry, I am not planning on charging for the product itself!


This is not solicitation as I am not asking you to buy anything.  I just want to know if there is any interest out there.  If you are interested, hop on over to my wix page or watch the video below and then hop over.  Even if you are not interested, if you could hop over and leave a comment on the form at the bottom of the page.  We will have the page down in about 30 days unless I get enough feedback to make it interesting.  


Thank you all for the help!



I found a bunch of different outlets out there that I could use for this so I wouldn't have to create my own.  I was leaning toward the telkonet, budderfly or even modlet by thinkeco if they are still around.  Any input or questions would be much appreciated!

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Am I to assume that there is no interest in this product or am I to assume that the readers of this post do not trust the content?  Either is fine, I am just trying to capture data.


If you do not trust the content I can provide a quick explanation here and you can comment here on the interest or disinterest.


The product we are trying to develop is, working with connected outlets, develop an IoT software controller that will incorporate AI and other data sources (weather, user profile, time of day for location, etc) and eliminate the electrical draw that is being wasted.  I assume everyone on these sites knows what standby power is due to the fact that you are in a Early Adopter/Innovator technology forum.  This is what we are attacking.  It can eliminate an average of 10% of total electrical demand simply because (based on the government statistics and collected data consumption) 30-40% of all electrical demand is waste.


We are offering this application free of charge and are currently seeking out the companies who have connected outlets to take on their software aspect for adoption.


In other words, you use this application and you save money by doing nothing.


Let me know your thoughts!  I figure this is a acceptable alternative to the links if you do not trust them.


Thank you everyone!

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