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Any source for older F/W Insteon wall switches?


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Hi guys, I have a number of different HA things going on that have evolved over the years.  I went to add some more stuff to my setup and have been foiled!


My barn has a handful of x10 devices.  I have three Insteion/X10 wall switches controlling LED troffers as well an outdoor wall sconce.  They work just fine, and I'm able to control them with my x10 wireless remotes as well as via a smartphone program via the Web Mountain RUC-01 and an x10 computer interface, with the RUC-01 actually being a 'slave' to the RUC-01 I have in my house which is all UPB (I committed to UP about 13 years ago so that ship has already sailed!)


Anyhow, now I have two more switches I wanted to convert to HA (an outdoor floodlight and the barn second floor lights, which I usually forget to turn off and I don't notice until I'm back in the house!).  The flood had 2 90x equivalent LED bulbs, and the 2nd floor has 3 60W equivalent LED bulbs.  


So I picked up a couple new Insteon wall switches, only to learn that the newer firmware no longer has that "X10 Compatibility" or whatever it was called.  Bummer.  So I then picked up a couple x10 switches as a last resort.  Despite some reviews about these usually working with LED (supposed to have a 40W load for signal's sake), neither of the switches respond to any x10 commands.  


SO, in lieu of adding a third protocol to my world and getting Insteon remotes, I figure I'd try to find 2 older Insteon switches to run in X10 mode, but have come up empty.   Anybody know where I can find any at?


As to why I don't just convert everything in the barn to x10, it's because of one killer piece of hardware:  My x10  PR511 Motion Sensor floodlight.  It switches on and off my outdoor lights at nightfall/dawn, as well as send other x10 unit commands when motion is sensed.  I wish there was a UPB or Insteon version of that!!!



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OK,  I worked this out using parts I already had laying around.  Win!


The easy one is I ended up having an older Insteon togglelnc that I was able to assign as X10 address to.  Easy Peasy. I also think that if I tried hard enough I probably would be able to use this in "Insteon" mode, but I don't have an insteon controller to set it up, but I do have a 2413s Insteon/X10 modem in the chain, which is controlled via an RUC-01 universal controller.  But that's another project for another day, as the x10 control seems to be going OK.


The other, trickier one was via a UPB dimmer switch that I also had in 'stock', along with a spare UPB computer interface.  I connected the interface to the second port on my RUC-01 so now it is dual protocol (X10/Insteon on port 1 thru the 2413s, and UPB on port 2 via the UPB CI).  


Now let me take a minute to brag about the RUC-01.  It is AMAZING.  You can set up triggers from one protocol to another.  So I set up X10 control triggers that translate to the proper UPB commands to operate the UPB switch.  Now I can continue to use my x10 wireless controllers (a sad hole in the UPB universe).   Conversely, I have UPB in the house (along with a different RUC-01) and it can take UPB commands from any of my controllers/switches in the house and ship them to the RUC-01 in the barn and operate any function out there.  So my x10 (mostly older insteon devices TBH)  and UPB devices in the barn can be controlled via x10 wireless remotes (or the x10 flood light even) as well as my UPB devices in the house.  And if I wanted to, I could also go the other way and control UPB devices in the house via x10 controllers in the barn.  Don't really have a use case for that yet- but I do have an outdoor fountain that feeds off a UPB relay in the house- I guess it would be handy to have that on the wireless controller instead of running into the house and hitting the switch.


Ain't technology grand!?!?!?!?!?!?!

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By the way, there's a TON more stuff the RUC-01 does- scheduled events, android & IOS clients (a 'sort of' plug for the UPB wireless hole), etc- didn't want to sell it short and lead people to believe that what I mentioned above is its entire repertoire!  

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