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What is the most automated room in your house?


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For me it's the garage.


Lamp module

Spruce sprinkler system

two garage tilt sensors.

two garage switches

Two door modules

One motion sensor

One camera

One Wifi AP


I think that is it!

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Mine might be the living room in that it has a (simple, non-programmable) thermostat. Either that or the garage because it has the boiler and an electric door opener.

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My most connected rooms average about 5 items


Garage has following z-wave devices

light switch for coach lights

leak detector

momentary switch for garage door

tilt sensor for garage door

Plus IP camera thought might swap with Arlo and smart things

SmartUPS for fios ONT with network card



Light switch for overhead fluorescents.

Leak detector under sync

Ecobee sensor

Wi-fi crockpot

Z-wave wall outlet for coffee percolator.


Computer Room

Z-wave smart sensor for rear of rack temp and humidity

Eco bee 3 sensor for front of rack temp

Wall outlet for keyboard drawer rope light

SmartUPS with network card to manage multiple systems in case of power outage and alerting.

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Z-wave PIR/lux

Z-wave Door Sensor

433mhz temperature and Humidity

1 wire heating flow temperature

My Sensors air quality

My Sensors flood sensor



Dimmers Lightwaverf x 2 for zoned lighting

RGBW Milight x 2 for cabinet tops mood / alert.

Ethernet relay board for central extract control

Ping sense to TV to set lighting zone level.

Lightwaverf Mood Controller for manual overide of extract and lighting.



Honeywell Evohome zone (hydronic plinth heater) interfaced with Domoticz control. (Reacts to occupancy and outside door status)


All other rooms have minimum:- PIR / Temp / Humidity / Lighting control / Heating control (underfloor and radiators)

Other items include:-

Dawn/Dusk sensor (feeds into controller for outside lighting and internal security lighting when away)

Monitoring and control of Powered Velux (roof) windows.

Control of ceiling fan.

Monitoring of 433 mhz door bell. (Messages mobile phones and pauses Sonos)

Monitoring and logging of Electrical power.

And various other ideas not yet realised


Update:- Alexa / Echo control of lighting, heating, ventilation, Sonos, A/V all via HA-Bridge / Domoticz. (Just wish I could change "Alexa" for "Hal")

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This was one of my favorite threads, even though small, on HAF. Glad that it has made it over to the new forum.  What room is your most "automated?"

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I think it's the Family Room


5 hue ceiling lights and a hue light strip controlled by two wall mounted and one pedestal-based Pico remotes

5 lamps on Insteon dimmer modules

3 Insteon keypads at entry points to the room

5 in-line Insteon micro-modules hidden in covered switch boxes

3 Insteon wall switches

Ecobee thermostat

Harmony remote can control entertainment system, thermostat, and lights


...and I'm not quite done yet. I still want to replace a few legacy switches that are less frequently used.

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Depends on who you ask, every room is automated if you ask my other half, she sits around an I do everything lol


From an electronic automation POV its the bedroom....






Thats where Alexa is, get your minds out of the gutter ;)

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