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Extending range without repeaters

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I was wondering if there was a way to extend the range of my SmartThings hub, however I'm going to try to add some Z wave devices to my pool house and there's not a way to put repeaters in between my house and the pool house. However I can run a wire through conduit if there was a way I could connect that to the hub. Any suggestions?


The range is about 100 foot.

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Have you tried extending the 150 feet by placing an always powered device in the house (closest to the pool house) and another powered device in the pool house (closest to the house)?  Some people have had success but it is a long ways.


Here is another possibility.  https://community.smartthings.com/t/multiple-hubs-in-one-location/48720

Looks like you could use two hubs.  That creates two different systems to monitor.  There is some discussion in the link about virtual switches and moving them from one hub to another.  I haven't tried it but maybe there is some value there for you.


I also looked for ethernet extending Z-wave network (and other variations).  People have asked if they exist but so far not one has anything like this that I can find.

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Most Z-wave devices act as repeaters. Do you have any outlets outside that you could replace with Z-wave outlets to help carry the signal?

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