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I just purchased a house and am in the market for a security system.  However I noticed that most security systems today have HA offerings as well.  Likewise, I notice that many HA systems have security offerings.  When I start to look at the various systems, I notice that some have offerings that others don't: some have indoor/outdoor cameras with live video monitoring, some have garage door openers, some have light bulbs (Hue) and control of landscape lighting transformers, some have home theater automation.  My question is this: is there a single platform that has the most controllable devices? (Alarm.com, Control4, Crestron, etc) Or should I split security separate from HA?  Or is the answer to this level of flexibility that I just need to hodge-podge individual devices together using a common protocol (X10, Z-Wave) and just control them using some general iPhone app?  Definitely just getting into this stuff so apologies if some of my lingo is less than accurate.


If it helps, here is what I'm looking to control remotely from phone:


* Live monitoring of outdoor security cameras

* Cell phone notifications if motion is detected outside by doors during the day

* Thermostat control

* Lighting control (ceiling lights [switches] as well as lamps [plugs])

* Outdoor landscape lighting (maybe controllable through switches?)

* Garage door opener


Audio/video control would be nice too but since that's fairly specialized I'm willing to have that on its own platform if necessary!

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