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Iris V2 and Ecolink Contact Sensor


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Does anyone have any experience with Iris V2 and the Ecolink contact sensor? It's not a supported device, but it will pair with the Iris hub. The reason I like these sensors over the Iris official sensors, is that the Ecolink sensors have a small terminal block that you can use to wire the sensors into the existing zones of a wired alarm system (think the old ADT systems). So instead of having to purchase 15+ sensors for all my doors and windows, I have four sensors that cover the four existing zones. I've gotten this to work like a champ. Here's a link to the sensors I bought:




Here's my question: has anyone had any experience with these sensors and assigning them in the settings to be a door sensor or a window sensor? When I select the device and go to settings, I get the menu that asks me to choose door, window or other. But when I select it, it doesn't change. It stays at "unknown."


Again, it's an unsupported device, so I'm probably out of luck. But I thought I'd check to see if anyone else is trying to attempt what I'm trying to do.

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