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My Impression of Iris v2


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Here's the text of a letter I sent to Lowes. Does it strike a chord with anyone?


"Ladies and Gentlemen,


I am truly disappointed in the shutdown of Generation One Iris Hubs. I changed over to generation 2 at home. It works OK, but doesn’t offer as powerful a management program as generation one. Like any new system, it was quirky at first, but finally settled down. Calls to the help desk involved an hour wait. The help desk was great once the hour wait was over. The only complaint I have is the impression that the technicians are flying by the seat of their pants trying to help with a system that’s not even close to fully developed.


My experience with the Generation Two Hub is that it’s adequate…period.


What really gives me pause is that I have used this system at our rented beach house for almost two years without a glitch. I schedule renters’ access codes to start and stop on a particular day, at a particular hour. With generation 2, this will not be possible. I’ll need to do a work-around with generation 2. Set an alarm, and manually change and authorize the codes. This is a downgrade. I enjoyed the Verizon backup to insure my customers' access even when the cable goes down. No work around available here. Word is “you’re working on it.” That’s fine, but I have a full rental season coming up and the replacement of a fully-capable generation one with a work-in-progress generation two causes me concern.


I have enjoyed Iris for many years. I have recommended it to my friends. I have found Lowe’s to be a very supportive company. This transition reflects a business process which I perceive to be well below Lowe’s standards of excellence. I will continue to use Iris in the hopes that it will eventually meet the standards of excellence I’m used to from Lowe's. Please consider extending the shutdown date to September 30th to accommodate the needs of those using Iris to support a seasonal rental business."

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You have very eliquently hit the nail on the head.  The trouble that you have had with the system is a very real problem with me as well.  Unfortunately I have been keeping a running list of things that the application no longer seems to supports and its upsetting to say the least.  I'm not sure what the project manager in charge had in mind but taking care of and communicating with existing customers does not seem to be part of the plan.  Today I discovered that the old application provided the ability to determine battery strength on remote devices and the new system seems to have a different approach.  All I've seen is the word "OK" under what I believed to be battery condition.  That being said, today my garage door lock, which has and continues to show "OK", really wasn't.  The lock failed to unlock or lock today apparently because the batteries were weak.  I checked the application and it showed the battery was fine. "OK".  I had to replace the batteries to make it work again.  On a second note, I have two homes secured and automated with Iris.  I had planned on automating my aging mothers home.  At this point I can not, in good conscience, purchase any more Iris equipment or recommend its use until they address the many issues they have.  SORRY LOWES. You've shot yourself in the foot.   

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I have a pretty large population of Iris devices (just over 100) and I loathe the 2nd Generation (V2). It's a cheap, poorly conceived, bad idea, to fix a problem Lowes got themselves into to begin with. Generation 1 was based off of the Alert.me system and when Alert.me was bought, the Iris troubles began. Lowes either didn't see it coming or didn't have a good enough contract and V2 was born. It's a weak, lackluster, unimaginative system that I'd love to dump. I'm exploring others now.

Lowes does not care how much you spent or about your loyalty to Iris, they took our money, so go away.

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