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Another Doorbell

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Hi.  No, not hello, this doorbell is called Hi.




I'm not sure why anyone would back this when Ring Pro is delivering but I'm just reporting the news!  I watched the video and kept thinking about the profile and taking a hammer to it to knock it off! I'm not a thief, honest.

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I guess one way to look at this is competition tends to drive down cost to the consumer.  However, I agree that the shape / design is horrible.


They need to rethink their pricing.  $249 is the backing price (offering a $150 discount)?  Ring Pro sells for $249 today.


It is getting easier every day to purchase a cheap microcontroller with integrated WiFi and GMS radios to develop IoT devices.  Combine this with a camera and the rest is software features.  Does that mean I could build my own?  Maybe, but I don't have the expertise of integrating it with cloud solutions to connect the camera to a Smartphone app.  It does mean that this space could become more crowded if RING is able to demonstrate their is a market.


For me...I will hold on to my money and pass on this one.

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I am surprised they have any funding for the reasons you have already mentioned. I will stick with my Vivint doorbell camera.

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