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I just spent some time with Iris support yesterday to get one of my cameras back on line.  1hour 36 minutes to be exact.  35 plus days ago I upgraded to version 2 hub at my vacation home.  Minus all the rules and all the user access information my system was working fine.  This was Including my one camera in the vacation home.  The app was working fine to view the camera.  I'm currently 700 miles from that home. A couple of weeks ago I noticed I could access the camera via the Iris app.  It would act as though it was trying to connect but ultimately would time out.  On the phone with support yesterday we tried everything.  The technician even suggested that my camera was off line or my internet was down until I informed him that I had an internet connection because I could still turn the alarm on and off remotely.  Finally when he talked to a coworker he realized that he could remotely restart my Ver 2 hub.  Once he did that it all came back on line.


My experience over the last two years, in two homes, has been that they work fine but have limitations, as apposed to hard wired cameras. Wireless cameras are still just a convenience.  1. Iris cameras have about a 30 second delay by design. 2. The quality of the view is dependent on your broadband.  If you have a minimal broadband system (low speed) you will  have problems, (choppy playback).  My internet system will only support (1) camera at my vacation home because of its remote location and the fact that I can only get internet speeds of about 6mbps.  I have a hard wired system for the rest of my cameras and they work great.  In my home in the city I have much higher broadband speeds (25mbps) so it will accommodate more wireless Iris cameras.  That being said I still have hard wired cameras in my city home.  Again, the latency aspect of the Iris camera is by design.  It doesn't make any difference how fast your broad band is.  They work ok most of the time but don't expect them to perform like a wired system, which is like watching tv.  Hope that helps.

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