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Next Gen Contact Sensor Design Issue


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So after 3 days of frustration with the operation of my Iris System after the migration to the Next Gen, I think I may have some success. First off I think there is some issues with the Migration Wizard. After using it on the first go round, I like many had multiple pairing, unknown devices and connectivity issues, adding to the frustration of all the First Gen features that were taken away. It was also not a good time to find out the mobile interface was not compatible with my IPhone 4, (yes, and as long as it makes a call or text I'm going keep it.) So overall my initial experience left me quite frustrated and irritated.

However, I think I got everything back to some sort of reliability. The solution that worked for me was to remove the Hub from my devices, power it down remove ( the now non rechargeable, WTH IRIS?) batteries, and do a hard reset.

After that add the hub as per the steps on the app, and while it is configuring go around and remove all the batteries from the devices. Once the hub was up and configured I went around and one device at a time installed the batteries, did a hard reset and paired them to the hub.

Thus far I have had only one Next Gen contact sensor consistently disconnecting and reconnecting, which leads me to the topic of this post. With the new design, it allows you to remove the battery without disturbing the magnetic contact. In other words, I can arm the alarm go to a Next Gen Contact Sensor, remove the battery, and open the window or door! Which when you have an unruly teen that likes to sneak out at night defeats the purpose of having the sensors! With the First Gen Contact Sensor you have to pull the sensor off the bracket to get to the battery, thus breaking the magnetic contact, which in turn sets off the alarm. Additionally, not being able to screw the sensors on anymore is a negative, as well as the magnet part is to thick to mount between my double hung windows now so to truly control access to them I would now require two sensors per window!

Not sure if the IRIS people will see this, and after this Next Gen rollout, I'm not sure they care, but maybe it will help other users.

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