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Ring.com with a Whole Home Audio System

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Hey Ring owners.  I have a whole home audio system and a doorbell interrupt.  Does ring.com have anything that would provide an interrupt into a whole home audio system?  Like ringing into the audio system, and an interrupt that would ping a system or module to lower the audio volume.  Pretty common with Legrand or Elan type systems.

Just curious.

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A direct tie in, probably not. However if your current door bell system integrates that way the ring does come with the capacitor needed to make it work with an existing digital door bell chime. It may work just like it does now, keeping your current door bell system but only replacing the doorbell button. 


It does tie in with IFTTT to trigger hue and Smartthings, which you could trigger sonos with. Not sure about all the devices in play but something may work for you. 

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Sounds like I need to get the doorbells functioning and then throw a Ring on the front door.  There was an older Elan system in place and the doorbell wiring is extensive. There was a camera at front door and they fed power to it via another wire.  The previous home owner took all the racked gear so I have no idea what model numbers were in play although I'm sure it would have been some older gear.  I'm currently digging around for some wired audio gear and want to tie in a ring doorbell.


Then I need to do the side door and back door.  Both have bells but not big enough for a Ring mount doorbell.

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The DSC3 or similar Elan doorbell would have used category cable. Why use Ring and now a wired solution like Mobotix or Holovision? You'll have better results and can push a higher resolution image into your automation system.


I guess the only reason to use Ring would be if you wanted a standalone option. But why not integrate? This is an HA forum after all :)

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