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I must say it's been a week Or so since I upgraded to v2. I had some issues at first like using the app to navigate which takes some time getting used to. Especially finding the rules but once you do its simple. The worst thing is the v1 keypads really are not comparable with the v2 hub. They really are sluggish and don't respond well to the new system. Just for kicks I went out and got a new v2 keypad. What a difference. Works instantaneously. Now I have v2 perfect. Well designed and works seamlessly. Just cant get it to chime with hub at yhe same time. Hopefully it will only get better. Thoughts?

I thought this forum was the place to go..it's been a bit dead in here

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I am wondering if there is a decent IRIS forum to talk in. I have had nothing but problems with my IRIS 2. As a software developer for web and mobile, as well as a tinkerer of electronics like Raspberry Pi with wireless devices, I am continually baffled what is going on with Lowes Iris. They had a fantastic chance to lead the market and it looked like they were on their way.. but right now, it is a disaster from my perspective. To release Version 2, then pull it off the market due to problems, then put it back on the market and STILL have a huge number of problems and almost never responding, not to mention updates to fixing issues like pairing problems, no web site, devices disappearing on and off, coming out of the gate with almost no version 1 devices working correctly or at all.. they took a HUGE step backwards. I will be posting separately on this to find out who else is having never ending problems and wish they had gone another direction. I have spent over $2000 on all sorts of devices, switches, triggers, etc and almost nothing works. Most of what I bought is Iris specific, so I am feeling I lost a whopping lot of money on this effort. As a developer, them not opening up an API is another behind the times move. With platforms that offer IFTTT and full programmable APIs for devices... I am looking to replace my Iris system with something that is going to stay updated, with the times, and supported. 

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