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So I am having trouble with 1st gen keypad...when I hit partial it goes into a continuous beeping and never arms....same with on. When I use app and hit partial or on it will arm. I removed keypad and reset and paired again same issue. Also the arming sounds suck. I wish they would have option like before to shit arming sounds off and just have the partial or on active sound on. So is this a keypad issue where I should get v2 keypad? BTW it's only 20 ft away from hub. Thanks guys

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ok i will try tommorrow my 2 yr old is sleeping so i cant do it tonite...i will keep u updated...thanks! do u have a new keypad or v1?

there are 2 sounds.....the arming sound and the activation sound which is the same sound as the chime in v1. In v1 i would hit partial and it would just chime once....then when they did some update it would chime like 3 times sometimes....annoying. with v2 there is just one sound choice. either sound or no sound. they need to seperate the arming sound and chime sound ya know?

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