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Insteon Hub High Pitch Buzz?


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I have had an Insteon hub set up in my den since December.  It is stashed behind a bunch of other equipment, so there is no way to see it from the front of my entertainment center.  Recently, my wife was cleaning in that area and freaked out because she said something was making an earsplitting high pitched noise.  After a bunch of research, and thinking she was crazy, she identified the Insteon hub as creating the constant noise.  She is younger than I am, and I couldn't hear it at all, until I put my head right next to the hub and heard the earsplitting noise myself.  Has anyone else had this issue?  The sound is a lot like those mosquito repellent apps and when you do hear it, it is painful.  Since my wife discovered the noise, she claims it's all she can hear when she is near the hub, so I had to move it to our basement.  I'm wondering if this is just our hub, or if this is a common thing.


Note: It is not the occasional chirping that the hub makes when pairing with a device.  It is a truly painful constant high pitch noise.

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