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Iris V2 Contact Sensor Multi Color Lights Blinking


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I found something out today that I wanted to share with the community.  If you have the V2 Contact sensor, which is the sensor that some may call a Door Sensor or a Window Sensor and it is blinking a bunch of colors.  That means that the device is in demo mode.  It appears that when a sensor is in demo mode it may still work with the hub, but it will eat the batteries and flash constantly causing you to see a light show at night :D


So, one would ask "How did this device get in demo mode?"  The answer is that currently there is a bug in the firmware that if you put a battery or power up the device at first with the contact plate in a closed setting.  That is that it would think that the door or window is closed if it were in this position, then it could go into demo mode.


How to resolve:

Resolution is simple, but not very obvious.  You must have the sensor in an open position when you put batteries in it.  Interestingly enough that means that you need to have the door or window open when you replace the battery.


Long Term Fix:

I was told by Iris support that they are working on the fix that will make this not necessary, however until that fix is out and distributed that if you see the lights flashing just open the sensor and pull the battery and reinsert the battery.

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