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Smart Light Switch Options Advice


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I have a breathtakingly technilogically inept wife so using a phone to control lights is a no go. I want to automate lights but the lights have to be able to operate while the switch is "off". Ideal use cases involve motion detection, voice control, sunrise/set activation so integrating into Smartthings would be nice.


The closest thing ive found is the wemo in wall switch as there is no true "off" if this makes sense. Most of my lights are in 4 gang box setups but im guessing i can find a way to make it work.


tl;dr: smart switch that works even when switched off.

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Are you using any particular hub? Smarthings? Iris? Insteon? Etc?


I have a Wemo switch and I really don't like it. Mainly because I tried to use it with Smartthings and it doesn't always work. Wemo does allow local control on the switch.


I now have Lutron z-wave switches and you can control them locally by pressing on the switch paddle too.


With automation and manual over ride you will have to anticipate what you really want the system to do. Nothing will irritate the spouse more then to turn on a light and 15 minutes later your motion sensor says to turn it off.


I found it helps to purchase some hardware and tinker to get a feel before really jumping in and spending a lot of money.

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Hi! You can also control your smart lights that are compatible with the Amazon Echo by using Roger- it allows you to speak to Alexa directly from your phone, so your phone becomes your own portable Echo device!  :wub:

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