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New House, require complete HA


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Hello, HA


I'm new to this forums, so please be nice! haha


So I've just finished building a house and was too lazy to implement the home automation during the build due to the fact that I'm completely unaware of the fast changing home automation space.


What I'm looking for is some of the latest technologies to implement with the least cables required(prefer wifi), and to also be able to customise a user interface for my home automation requirements.


So with regards to different hardware, I'm thinking.


Sony TV Bravia - IR or Ethernet

Blinds - No motor or communication device - Maybe SHOWIN S45 with Wemo Light switch? I don't really know

Lights - Open to suggestions, I was thinking the Wemo light switch which would save money on bulbs.

Front Door - open to suggestions

Roller Door - No idea, Wemo Maker?

Front Door Light - Motion sensor - If this then that?

Voice Control - which can run scripts or turn on/ off devices


So with these ideas out, I also want to be able to run commands like, if this then that. And to also be able to customise a user interface, maybe like a webpage or phone app which can control all these technologies without having to open different applications to control each device.


I'm not set on these brands, I just want a solution that would be common or a tutorial on what other people have done.


With these ideas out, I would prefer to have an all in one solution which would be cost effective. I'm not a big programmer but I do know a little bit about raspberry pi with installing xbmc etc. And do have some experiences in regards to electronics.









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Interesting list.  My first suggestion is to either figure out what you actually want to do or start with a system that incorporates most of what you think you are after.


For example, you could start with a Lowes Iris kit.  it can integrate doors (entry door locks and sensors plus garage doors) along with lighting automation.  You can install light switches rather than individual bulbs and fixtures or you can use something like the Philips HUE bulbs with their controller.  Voice integration can be created with an Amazon Echo.  I believe there is a monthly charge with Iris.


You could also go with something like a Smartthings system and add in compatible devices as needed.  You can find door locks, garage door kits, light switches, etc that all work with Smartthings.  The list is ever expanding.  No monthly charge for this system.


There are also many other systems out there and really depend on where you live and how much money you have to spend.


There are blinds available that are battery operated and connected thru wireless.


Unfortunately there is no right (or wrong) answer.  The systems are really personal preference and how much time you want to spend with it.

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I agree, with Chris in that you need to pick a single system to accomplish your goals as this will make setup and troubleshooting easier in the future.

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I am in the same boat right now, My daughter just purchased her first house (exciting times) and dad is responsible for tech. Question to both Chris what is your platform of choice and y? I need to find the foundation first then build out from there. Also what locks are people using with there systems? These will  be the very first two things I need to get setup. I would also like to incorp a security system into the home automation if possible without being restricted to a small set of rules like I had with my security system using 2GIG.

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