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How to clear or reset any Zwave device


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If you are using Zwave, then you need to understand that this is a pairing much like a bluetooth device to the network.  I know I know some will say that is over simplifying it, but whatever.  The main thing to understand is that both the hub and the device store the pairing and if you go through the typical unpairing process it will clear the configuration on both devices.  Most hubs have a force remove option for a device that just pulls it out without unpairing the device.  This can be useful if you lost something, it broke, or you have a pairing issue with the device.  This does not however help if you have a device that is still paired to a hub and you want to reuse it.  Examples of where this might be the case.  You get a device that is returned but had been paired, you force remove a device from your hub, you buy a house that has devices in it that weren't unpaired, and who knows what else.


Now let's say that you have a device that was previously paired and you need to clear the device.  You can see if the manufactur has a way to do this on the device, but probably not going to be the case or you can go through a process that clears the device that requires your hub to support this process.  The process is called Exclusion or Include mode.  Interestingly enough you don't need the same brand of hub to do this as the previous pairing as well.  So, if your hub doesn't support this, then you can get another hub from another system that does support this and it will clear the device for you.  If you spent $200 on a Schlage lock and your choice is buy another or get a cheap hub to clear it... then I say go for the hub.  The one that I used to do this was the Vera Edge.  It has a button on the side that says Sync that you hold for 3 seconds and you will see the Zwave light start to blink.  This means that it is in Exclusion mode.  You simply act like you are going to pair the device again on the device and it will clear the device.  This is incredibly useful if you are moving homes or switching systems.  Also, if you bought something on Ebay used or got something at a meetup, then you can clear the settings.  You can get a Vera, the one that I used for this at www.getvera.com.  Hope this helps as it took forever to figure this out.


Happy device resetting...

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Have you ran into a situation where your need to configure a device and your controller does not support that function? Just thinking out loud, I wonder if a device can be "unpaired" and still save it's configurations?

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