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I am a Lowe's Iris V1 Owner should I upgrade to V2 when the hub arrives?


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Now that is definately the question that you should be asking... I am going to really say that it depends on many things.


First, are you ready for the switch to an app-centric solution.  Yep, Lowe's decided to drop the website and go with an app only experience.  Currently, only iPhone iOS and Android Phone are supported.  So, do you care if you loose the webportal?  This is a big question as you need to think about creating rules and adding devices from an phone interface.  The good is that you can do it right at the hub instead of running back and forth or using a laptop.  The bad is that it can be fustrating to have to type on a little keyboard for everything.  There is a webportal, but it is just for billing setup.  I have asked support about the portal and have been told that there are no plans of a webportal currently.  Now things can change and I have submitted feedback for wanting both Windows and Web Portal interfaces.


Things you should know about V2.  If you have a lot of investment in V1 then you should hold off on V2 until you know you can get support for some of the devices you need.  Do not trust that just because it is listed right now that it works.  Example: Schlage Touchscreen deadbolts will pair, but won't work.  There are also some other things like the rules have not all been added yet.  So, you may not be able to do all the automation that you want.  This is changing rapidly though.  I waited about 2 weeks because I wanted to simply use a GE outdoor plug to turn on my Christmas Lights at a certain time and then turn them off at another time.  This simple thing was not there, but come back 2 weeks later and it is there with a ton of new items.  I would say that V2 is going to be better eventually, but if you jump now then you better be ready to wait for some things.  If you have a meter reader for power, there is no support for it.  You can download the new app and see just how much is still coming soon.


So, let's get to the point.  Should you move from V1 to V2.  I would say not yet.  I would highly encourage you to go ahead and put in the new hub and download the new app to see what all you can do.  You may even want to ensure that you test a few devices against it.  DON'T FORGET TO UNPAIR ZWAVE DEVICES!!!


I think the new system has it's merits, but it is definately showing some growing pains right now.  If you are just starting with Lowe's Iris, then you have little to worry about, but be prepared that there may be some things that it just can't do yet.  I would like to give examples, but the Lowe's team is working on this daily releasing new features.  So, just be patient.


On a closing note, I will say that it does seem more performant than the old system.  You want a light to come on when you open a door... it is almost immediate now.

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I have a Schlage lock and guess I'll be waiting. I e-mailed support and asked to be moved to the slow track for my new hub. Their response was simply don't use it until you're ready. If my lock and irrigation don't work I guess I may never be ready. 


I really like the portal and it was one of the reasons I went with Iris. 

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